La Renardière

La Renardière

the underground palace near Paris

La Renardière was built by architect Etienne Fromanger in the 1970s in Jouars-Pontchartrain, near Paris. He planned to build a buried house.

Hidden in the heart of a forest, we could practically pass by without suspecting that a 350m² house is buried under our feet. We still guess skydomes on the surface as well as a chimney emerging from the ground.

Once inside, we find the spirit of the 70s thanks to furniture with a cult design of the time and significant explosive colors of the artistic movement of this period.

Even if one could think of not feeling well there, the house remains very spacious with a ceiling height of four meters which gives an impression of grandeur. Thanks to the skylights, the corridors and rooms of this giant gallery remain naturally lit.

This house is now inhabited by an enthusiast of architecture from the 70s and is therefore not open to visitors. If however you walk around, you can nevertheless try to find it!