Maison Dada

Dada House

the House that makes us gaga

The Maison Dada publishing house was created in Shanghai in 2016 by the two designers Thomas Dariel and Delphine Moreau.

This duo passionate always thought the movement of Dadaism as one of the most significant of the twentieth century and as the essence of the origin of contemporary design.

The birth of Maison Dada was the result of their desire to integrate the whimsical spirit of movement into everyday life through various everyday items: furniture, lighting, carpets or accessories.

Maison Dada invites our imagination to come to life with pieces that could come straight out of a surreal story. In a totally offbeat style, the publishing house works with asymmetrical shapes that echo the elegance of the Art Deco style, like the Paris-Memphis candlesticks or the Yiban-Yiban armchair , favoring original colors that allow you to break away from the conformism of a classic interior.

A first showroom opened in the 7th arrondissement of Paris where you can go by appointment. The brand is also present at Silvera, Printemps and Bon Marché.