Maison Matisse

Matisse House

when design brings a work of art back to life

Created by the fourth generation of the painter Henri Matisse, the design house Maison Matisse aims to pay tribute to the works of this master of painting.

Maison Matisse is surrounded by experienced and emerging designers who imagine objects by reinterpreting Matisse's work.

The result is daring pieces with singular shapes and explosive colors, giving new life to the famous works of the painter and reviving all the joy that emanated from them.

For its first permanent collection “La Musique”, Maison Matisse collaborated with the Franco-Polish designer Marta Bakowski. Named after the work of the eponymous painting which was the dominant inspiration of the series, this first collection presents fourteen Art de la table pieces.

Before this first permanent series, Maison Matisse produced a limited collection in collaboration with three international designers: Alessandro Mendini, Jaime Hayon and the Bouroullec brothers.

Simple everyday objects revive our interiors and illuminate them in the painter's favorite colors.