accuracy between shapes, colors and materials

Created by Maxim Scherbakov, the Supaform studio designs special objects and spaces rich in color.

Product designer and furniture designer, the founder draws his inspiration from painting, sculpture and architecture.

The main objective of the studio is to play with materials to create unusual objects and give life to unique and explosive spaces.

Maxim Scherbakov participates in the evolution of interior architecture by arranging living spaces differently, more simply and by honoring the object and the material. He works on the boundaries of spaces like blocks for an almost geometric result.

The studio took charge of the renovation of various apartments in Moscow. We recognize its identity easily thanks to its clean and minimal style and thanks to a choice of bright colors which echoes the style of the 80s. Always asymmetrical, the furniture mixes several materials like the Normative chair which is made of velvet, wood and steel.