Maison Père is a "house of creation"
inspired by design and art .

A unique creative universe,
presented through ready-to-wear capsule collection,
furniture and decorative objects.
Our values
Maison Père is committed to giving meaning to fashion.
With a mission to move towards sustainability,
the House offers small collections,
and produces 100% in European manufacturing,
with the best suppliers.

Our engagement
More than a "house of creation",
Maison Père is a conscious business.
1% of sales are donated to associations
who support the cultural awakening of disadvantaged children.
After many experiences in luxury
(Balmain, Lanvin, Chanel, Chloé),
Camille Omerin founded MAISON PÈRE in 2014.

Camille loves the Art Deco period, New York, Florence, Romy Schneider, red, sunbathing in summer, Mad Men, Philip Johnson,
old mirrors, old ELLE magazines, Frida Kahlo,
Wes Anderson, embroidery and spritz.

With her house of creation, the young woman abolishes borders
and offers a holistic approach to creativity.
Entrepreneur at heart,
Camille Omerin is betting on an enlightened diversification.